See how your favorite stamps fared in our readers’ poll — and join us in looking back on the year’s highlights, firsts, and hallmarks.

2013 A Year in Review

Creating tiny stamps is big business, and every year brings exciting changes and significant firsts. 2013 was no exception.

We launched a new series, called Music Icons, with stamps honoring Johnny Cash, Lydia Mendoza, and Ray Charles. We marked the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s history-altering document with the Emancipation Proclamation stamp, calling upon one of the country’s oldest letterpress print houses to help with the design. And we created a new version of America’s most famous stamp misprint, the Inverted Jenny, using the original 1918 printing dies and the intaglio method to underscore the occasion.

We’ve been busy telling the American story through stamp design, and we want to pause before charging ahead into yet another year.

Join us in looking back, won’t you?

2013 At a Glance

Stamp Issuances

number of stamp issuances
number of designs


series launched
series continued

Printing Methods Used


Design Firsts

Graphic representation of the Medal of Honor: World War II prestige folio

Medal of Honor: World War II prestige folio: A sheet that folds in half, holding stamps, historic photographs, and the names of all 464 honorees.

Graphic representation of the Harry Potter stamp booklet

Harry Potter souvenir booklet: A panel that unfolds into five sections, revealing stamps that display characters and scenes from the movies.

Graphic representation of the Made in America pane of stamps

Made in America: Building a Nation: An issuance with five different selvage designs, each featuring an historic photo of an early 20th-century industry worker.