Tiffany Lamp

First Day of Issue
April 28, 2009  •  Washington, DC
For Sale in Post Offices…or by calling 1 800-782-6724, or filling out the form in USA Philatelic catalog.

The Tiffany Lamp definitive features artist Lou Nolan’s rendering of a Tiffany lamp with a multicolored shade of leaves and branches. It was the third stamp issued in the American Design series.

Lou Nolan’s projects for the Postal Service also include five stamps in the Transportation series (School Bus, Dog Sled, Milk Wagon, Popcorn Wagon, and Elevator); the Certified Public Accountants stamp (1987); the Bill of Rights stamp (1989); and four other stamps in the American Design series (American Toleware, American Clock, Chippendale Chair, and Navajo Jewelry).