March 28, 2014

Tree Stamped Card Announces Arrival of Spring

Share your enjoyment of one of Earth’s greatest living things with the fanciful Tree stamped card, new for 2014 and available now.

The card features a stylized illustration by artist Cathie Bleck.

To create the artwork, artist Cathie Bleck used a method similar to woodblock printing. On scratchboard coated in white clay, she applied a layer of India ink that she then carved away with razor-sharp tools.

Left with a black-and-white outline, Bleck later added color digitally to bring the tree to life.

“I have always had a deep reverence for trees since I grew up on my grandfather’s tree nursery,” says Bleck, who used drawings made in her garden as reference. “Each branch seemed to possess a special light celebrating life.” Bleck worked with art director Ethel Kessler, who designed the stamp card.

You can find the Tree stamped card online, by calling 800-STAMP24, and at Post Offices™ around the country.